The Dawning – Ingredients and Recipes

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Eva's Holiday Oven 2.0

So it’s that time of the year. Snow is falling, the fire is stoked. Ingredients & recipes means you might be thinking “Christmas cookies?”


It’s the annual Destiny Dawning Event. Everyone knows the dawning is about that juicy store swag you want. I mean look at it. A bread emote! Now you could go spend your hard earned money on these things or you could grind out for bright dust… a lot… of… bright dust. 

The dawning consists of a few quests that require you to combine ingredients and bake goods after discovering their recipes, and deliver them to people around the different planetary locations. And, if you’re like me, you didn’t participate last year so NONE of the recipes are unlocked. So this article is for us, the filthy casuals who don’t have enough time to mix and match ingredients and really just need to get as much bright dust as possible so we can buy all the things.

Let’s get started.

You’re going to want to drop in the tower and head to Eva. There, she will give you two quests and her 2.0 easy bake oven. She will also offer bounties, but we’ll circle back to those in a minute. The first two slots in this oven are where you can “add” ingredients. However, if you’re just starting this quest you’ll soon realize that you have NO ingredients. In order to get your ingredients you’ll have to venture out and kill many different enemy types with many different weapon types and elements.

The third spot in the oven is for the “Essence of Dawning” This is something that you will need to complete EVERY RECIPE. You will need 15 to complete each recipe. That is, until you masterwork the oven, which will then require only 10 essence. To get these fast, just do LITERALLY ANY ACTIVITY. Strikes, Crucible, Gambit, Sundial, etc. For more info, check out my other post or youtube video.

Each one will reward you around 11-17 Essence of Dawning, which is enough for one recipe. My choice is gonna be for strikes and sundial, mainly because you can complete bounties while you do them, get rewards, and gather ingredients. It’s a win win.


IngredientHow to get it
Balanced FlavorSniper or Scout Rifle Kills
Bullet SprayHipfire with Submachine guns, autorifles, or Machine Gun
Cabal OilCabal Kills
Chitin PowderHive Kills
Dark Ether CaneScorn Kills
Delicious ExplosionExplosive Kills
Electric FlavorArc Kills
Essence of DawningPatrols, Public Events, Crucible, Gambit, Strikes, Sundial
Ether CaneFallen Kills
Finishing TouchPerform Finishers on an enemy
Flash of InspirationCreate Orbs of Light
Impossible HeatSolar Kills
Multifaceted FlavorsMultikills
Null TasteVoid Kills
Perfect TastePrecision Kills or Super Body Shots
Personal TouchMelee Kills
Pinch of LightPick Up Orbs of Light
Sharp FlavorSword Kills
Superb TextureSuper Kills
Taken ButterTaken Kills
Vex MilkVex Kills

Now remember; in order to do this in the fastest and best way I would recommend finishing the specific bakes on the Quests you get from Eva, then completing one of EVERY recipe. Once your oven is masterworked you can just mass bake a bunch of sweets until you get the 120 you need to finish the mega bounty from Eva. 

Last Event’s Recipes

Baked GoodRecipient1st Ingreident2nd Ingredient3rd Ingredient
Alkane Dragée Cookies Sloane Chitin Powder Bullet Spray Essence of Dawning
Candy Dead Ghosts Spider Dark Ether Cane Flash of Inspiration Essence of Dawning
Chocolate Ship Cookies Amanda Holiday Cabal Oil Null Taste Essence of Dawning
Dark Chocolate Motes The Drifter Taken Butter Null Taste Essence of Dawning
Eliksni Birdseed Hawthorne Ether Cane Personal Touch Essence of Dawning
Gentleman’s Shortbread Devrim Ether Cane Perfect Taste Essence of Dawning
Gjallardoodles Zavala Ether Cane Delicious Explosion Essence of Dawning
Ill-Fortune Cookies Petra Dark Ether Cane Impossible Heat Essence of Dawning
Infinite Forest Cake Failsafe Vex Milk Impossible Heat Essence of Dawning
Javelin Mooncake Ana Bray Chitin Powder Sharp Flavor Essence of Dawning
Radiolarian Pudding Asher Vex Milk Electric Flavor Essence of Dawning
Strange Cookies Xur Taken Butter Electric Flavor Essence of Dawning
Telemetry Tapioca Banshee-44 Vex Milk Bullet Spray Essence of Dawning
Traveler Donut Holes Ikora Cabal Oil Flash of Inspiration Essence of Dawning
Vanilla Blades Shaxx Cabal Oil Sharp Flavor Essence of Dawning

New Recipes

Baked GoodRecipient1st Ingreident2nd Ingredient3rd Ingredient
Ascendant Oatmeal Raisin Cookies Eris Morn Chitin Powder Finishing Touch Essence of Dawning
Fractal Rolls Brother Vance Vex Milk Pinch of Light Essence of Dawning
Fried Sha-Dough Visage of Calus Dark Ether Cane Superb Texture Essence of Dawning
Hackberry Tart Benedict Cabal Oil Multifaceted Flavors Essence of Dawning
Hot Crossfire Buns Ada-1 Ether Cane Balanced Flavors Essence of Dawning
Lavender Ribbon Cookies Saint-14 Vex Milk Personal Touch Essence of Dawning
Thousand-Layer Cookie Raven Taken Butter Delicious Explosion Essence of Dawning

Remember those bounties I mentioned?

Eva has bounties for the event that range from killing things to baking things. The benefit is that THEY ARE DOUBLE XP! That’s right. You can get bright dust and double XP from finishing Eva’s bounties. I would recommend doing them after you finish your oven and quests, but to each their own. 

Anyways, happy Dawning ya filthy animals.