How to Get Polarized Fractaline Quickly and Efficiently

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Fast farm polarized fractaline

Polarized Fractaline is a new item that was introduced with the Season of Dawn. The uses for this material range from upgrading the 4 obelisks that are located around the system, to purchasing repeatable weapon bounties at each of the obelisks. The thing is, you’ll need A LOT. The highest resonance rank that you’ll want to upgrade each obelisk to is 11, using 200 polarized fractaline just to rank up one level. That means each obelisk takes around 2200 polarized fractaline to upgrade completely

Where can you get fractaline?

Obelisk Weekly Bounties

Obelisk weekly bounties, 2 per obelisk, reward polarized fractaline. This means for each character you are running you can get a whopping 800 polarized fractaline per week from these. That’s 2400 if you’re completing them on all three characters, which is one whole obelisk maxed out a week. These bounties can be tedious to grind and if you don’t have the time or the resources to get these done you’re still going to be gaining polarized fractaline at a glacial pace.

Saint-14 Bounties

The new Saint-14 bounties that you can acquire in the tower are another good option for polarized fractaline. Everyday Saint-14 will offer 4 new bounties. These are less tedious than the weekly obelisk bounties and can be done at the same time as planetary or strike bounties. Saint-14 bounties are going to net you a solid 50 polarized fractaline for EACH completed bounty. This method requires you to have completed the Saint-14 quest and have access to him as a vendor in the tower. 

Obelisk Upgrades

The obelisks themselves can also get you polarized fractaline. Each obelisk has an upgrade on it to give you a higher chance to gain fractaline through an activity. Those activities being: Strikes, Crucible, Gambit, and Sundial. As you are upgrading obelisks, I would highly advise to prioritize the obelisk that will give you a fractaline boost in YOUR desired activity. If you like to run strikes, upgrade the EDZ obelisk. If you want to run sundial, upgrade the nessus obelisk, etc. It is important that you take care in reading what upgrades each obelisk has so you can make an informed decision on which order you want to upgrade them. 

What is the best and fastest way to get polarized fractaline?

In my opinion, it’s going to be the Saint-14 bounties in the tower. You can get a max of 200 polarized fractaline per day per character. This is only worth about 2 weekly bounties from the obelisks but hear me out; on average I can spend about 2-3 hours completing all 8 of the weekly bounties on one character. In comparison, it only takes me about 30 minutes to complete Saint-14 bounties.

Even if I’m not focusing on them, I still can get them done at the same time that I need to complete my strike dailies without making things too difficult for myself. This means I can net 600 polarized fractaline per DAY. That’s 4200 polarized fractaline per week vs. 2400 from weeklies with less time to complete. Pair this with a polarized fractaline skimmer and an increased chance to get them from a specific activity if you upgrade that obelisk, and you can SIGNIFICANTLY cut down the time it will take you to gather these precious materials. 

I will almost always recommend doing as much as you can, but if you’re tight on time this might be the best way to get the obelisks completely upgraded and get the weapon frames you want to grind.