Fast and Efficient Essence of Dawning Farm


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The Dawning is a returning event happening right now in Destiny 2. For those of us that want all of the amazing goodness it has to offer we have to dawn our aprons and well… bake. A lot. With much baking comes many MANY hours of grinding for essence of dawning.

Or does it?

In the dawning event you collect your oven from Eva. This oven will have slots where you can put in ingredients and get out a baked good. In order to make this grind the most efficient you are going to want to discover all of the recipes to masterwork this oven. If you need a guide for the recipes or want to know how to get the ingredients you can check out my other post or youtube video.

Master working the oven allows you to use FEWER essence of dawning per recipe. Without the masterwork it takes 15 per recipe. With the masterwork it only takes 10. This will make a significant difference in how much time it takes to pump out goods

You can get essence of dawning from just about anywhere.

  • Strikes (playlist and non-playlist)
  • Crucible
  • Gambit
  • Sundial
  • Public events
  • Patrols

You get the most from Strikes WITHIN the playlist and the Sundial. Both of these activities will net you around 11-17 essences per run. I usually get around 15-17 per strike in the playlist and about that much from the sundial.

Crucible is a good option for some quick essence of dawnings, especially if there is a Fast PVP mode available such as Scorched or Mayhem. These are 5 minute modes that pass quickly and allow you to get 10-15 per run. I usually get around 11 essences consistently.

But what is most efficient?

FAST PVP modes take 5 minutes, and strikes average about 10-15. The obvious answer would be a fast PVP mode, you’d be getting 30 in the time it takes you to finish a strike like “The Corrupted”.  but wait… what about the ingredients…

Sure you could get some from crucible but in a game type like scorched you’d be limited to solar kills and explosive kills. This is where quality beats quantity and I’m going to go ahead and say it: STRIKES. Specifically ones in the playlist.

You get around 11-17 essence of dawning per run AND you’re also maximizing the amount and variety of ingredients you are getting. Multiple different enemy types, use whatever guns you want, focusing on the playstyle that helps you collect the ingredients that you are in dire need of. It’s just a win win all around the board. On top of that You can even get complete vanguard bounties, other dawning bounties, and EVEN sundial weeklies while doing strikes. It will allow you to fully take advantage of what little time you may have.

So to recap, Do strikes. Masterwork your oven. Bake all the things. I will say that if you want to finish Eva’s weekly bounties, you know, the one that has you bake 120 goods, the fastest and easiest recipes to make are going to be Hot Crossfire Buns, Hackberry Tart, and Telemetry Tapioca. This is mainly due to the fact that the ingredients drop VERY frequently and you can deliver them over and over to people in the tower so no planetary hopping or putting a wish in the wish wall to deliver to Riven… Why bungie. why?